What They Say About Us
After trying 6 agencies, and even attempting to do office billing, my accountant recommended Healthcell. I started with them about 4 years ago and have been quite pleased with the experience. Even though they are not in our office daily, they are very accessible and responsive to our needs.

They are courteous to my staff and patients. They have a small team assigned to my individual solo practice and we hold weekly telephone conferences which are consistently prompt and informative.

I highly recommend them to all my colleagues especially those suffering through the ever-changing rules of insurance companies and billing options.

Haidy M. Behman
Healthcell has been a blessing to our practice.

They have been working with us for more than a year now and have made dramatic improvements in the timeliness of our collections. Though they have a large number of employees, it still always feels very personal when communicating with the team about any matters, whether large or small.

I would not hesitate recommending their services to any practice. I feel oncology billing is tedious and tricky, but Healthcell never hesitates taking on the challenges and has been very effective.

Nadya Hasham Jiwa
We have been using Healthcell’s services for the past five years. We were introduced to Healthcell by one of our physician friends. They were highly recommended and we are pleased to confirm that we were not disappointed.

One thing that separates Healthcell from the other billing services is the quality of their offering day in and day out. They maintain a very open line of communication and act as an extension of our office. They have dedicated managerial capacity and are very transparent about each aspect of our account. We can talk to our team whenever we want and resolve issues expeditiously. It has been five plus years of consistent performance and we must commend Healthcell for their ability to keep our team together.

Renu Soni