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After trying 6 agencies, and even attempting to do office billing, my accountant recommended Healthcell. I started with them about 4 years ago and have been quite pleased with the experience…
Haidy M. Behman
Healthcell has been a blessing to our practice. They have been working with us for more than a year now and have made dramatic improvements in the timeliness of our collection Though they have a ...
Nadya Hasham Jiwa
We have been using Healthcell’s services for the past five years. We were introduced to Healthcell by one of our physician friends. They were highly recommended and we are pleased to confirm that…
Renu Soni
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The Importance Of Keeping Your Medical Billing Procedures Organized And Streamlined

Efficiency is something every company should strive for, no matter the industry. When it comes to medical billing, however, an organized and streamlined process can ultimately mean the difference between a thriving

How An Efficient Doctor’s Appointment Can Improve Patient Payment Collection

There is a direct connection between efficient doctor’s appointments and successful payment collections. While proper medical billing practices are important, patient payment collections can only be optimized when the entire

The Best Practices Of Successful Medical Billing Departments

Medical billing, as essential as it may be, isn’t something that comes easily for many healthcare facilities. Despite its importance, medical billing can often result in errors and frustration. Although

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