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Revenue Management Services for Hospitals, Large Physician Groups, and Health Systems.


Eligibility & Benefits Verification & Patient Payment Estimation

We provide a full service and comprehensive platform that enable enterprise organizations to centralize and streamline eligibility and benefits verification. We tailor results by speciality and when a payer does not support EDI, our payer communication team verifies eligibility and benefits via phone calls and payer websites in one seamless process for each client.



We offer first class medical coding services. Our team consists of certified professional coders (CPC) and follow the latest code sets and usage guidelines. We can assist you on long-term engagements or short term projects.

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Denial Management and AR Follow Up Support

We understand that a good denial management process is not simply about working denials, it is about systematically gathering the data required to properly report and eliminate denials. Effective denial management fixes gaps in your revenue cycle so you can ensure you’re not leaving money on the table. While we resolve costly denials for your organization we implement future preventive measures.

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Credit Balance Resolution

Credit balances can be costly and labor intensive and if it goes overlooked there are compliance implications. HealthCell provides client centric services designed to settle accounts that have a credit balance. As a seamless extension of your staff, our team will emulate directly into your system, research accounts in a credit status, identify the root cause of the credit and take appropriate action to resolve the credit balance. In cases where a refund is due, our team will submit refund requests and complete refund forms as “account corrections.”

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Coding Audits

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Analytics Consulting

Discover the power of big data but experience analytics as a simplified solution. Managing cost and monitoring performance has never been more important in an industry of change. HealthCell offers cloud-based analytics solutions and insights into healthcare organizations of all sizes.